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As I write this my heart is grieved for all the people who are trying so hard to live up to the man made rules that religion has put on us. We do all sorts of things that we think God is moved by but truthfully speaking the majority of the things that go on in the modern church is in operation by Satan. Coming every week for a “word” and to get our emotions stirred up was not God’s original plan for us. We were never designed just to stay in a man made institution every Sunday being sermonized to. We were called to make an impact in the world by manifesting the Culture of Heaven here on earth.

Jesus didn’t come to bring Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, Lutheran, or any of the other 41,000 denominations. He came to establish The Kingdom Of Heaven on Earth.  Religion is mans poor attempt of trying to get back in right standing with God by doing things they think will appease him. All the religions of the world, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, even Christianity, will never work because the burdens put on by these man made organizations are not ordained by God, but by man. Rituals and traditions we received passed down from generation to generation all keep us in bondage, waiting for a breakthrough.

Emotional manipulation is just one area that religion has kept us stuck in. Pastors preach that if you don’t give X amount of dollars to this ministry then God will do so and so. Blessing packs, Hebrew prayer shawls, miracle spring water, and requiring money to be prayed for stem from a using the name of Jesus as a marketing tool.  We love to hear messages that make us feel good but as soon as we get convicted automatically we feel like we’re being judged. Every thing from the music we play, the songs we sing, and our order of service are fueled from man made traditions passed down from our religious forefathers.

When you simply preach the truth of the Kingdom of God and Christ, and challenge people to study the Kingdom of God for themselves the total life transformation starts in everyone from the pastor to the people. You no longer come searching for a word but you come to get your spiritual life in right standing with God then you go out and strengthen your brethren. The Kingdom Of God is the message that the world is searching for but the religious world has been brain washed that they cant receive anything unless their Pastor or Bishop is teaching it. Start studying the Kingdom for yourself and watch the shackles and chains come off. You will see life from a new perspective. Religion will never work, but the Kingdom always has, is, and will work!